Gaining more traction

I’m still doing well. Going though that energy jolt I usually get in the second week without booze. I honestly haven’t had much desire to drink. Maybe it is because I’m reading This Naked Mind again. Maybe it is because I’m shoving any potential thoughts of drinking far, far away as fast as possible as soon as I feel them start to make their way into my consciousness. I am trying to visualize my life happy and healthy and with no alcohol in sight. And so far, so good. And I’ve had some tough moments this week (like my sister called me to specifically not invite my partner to her wedding – long story), and I actually didn’t even consider drinking to deal with how terrible that felt. Thank goodness. I’ll try to keep it up.



10 thoughts on “Gaining more traction

  1. Hi Leafy, Congrats on week 2 ! I’m so sorry about the wedding, that sounds like a complicated situation. I’m glad you’re feeling energetic 🙂 visualizing good things helps me stay motivated too 🙂 xxx Anne ✨


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