Still going

Well, it’s been over three weeks now, and things are still going well sobriety-wise. Life has been stressful lately with lots of work and family issues getting me down, but I’m happy to say that it hasn’t occurred to me to drink because of these things. I’m very aware that it wouldn’t help me sort out what to do when things are difficult. This is also the first full winter in my life (except for one year when I was very young), and I have to say that the snow is not as charming in March as it is in December. πŸ€ͺ But I still think it’s pretty cool to slowly see the turning of the seasons coming. We’ve reached the slushy but still snowy stage, and I suspect that there is a lot of mud in my future. Can’t wait to watch the plants come back to life soon. I’m starting to plan my garden plots already. I’m sure the herd of deer hanging around down the street are excited, too…



6 thoughts on “Still going

  1. Awesome job, Leafy! With sobriety Playing It Forward was a great tool I used too! The poison never solved issues for me and always made them bigger. Good luck on your garden this year. I have to fence around all my new trees and flowers to stop the deer from eating them. Same funness as you out here in Colorado. Big smiles to you😊. Keep posting out here we all are rooting you on!!!!


    1. Thanks, Dwight. I really appreciate that! Yeah, our fence around our yard is probably pretty easy for deer to jump over. And other things. After the first big spring, I say deer prints and something that looked distinctly like paw prints in the snow right outside our front door. Yikes!


  2. Congrats on 3 weeks Leafy ! Going strong πŸ€πŸ¦Œβ„οΈ All that snow sounds magical, and cold lol πŸ˜‚ I’m excited to hear about what you grow in the spring ! Xxx big hugs xxx Anne


  3. Awesome job leafy!!! πŸ˜ƒ I’m so looking forward to gardening as well. I have 2 flower gardens ( one is quite small ) and the other is a memorial garden for my doggie. I need to start another this coming season for my horse. When I first needed to stop coming home from work and having a drink I would go out and garden. Gave me the same happy feeling!! So excited for you and again awesome job!!


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