If at first you don’t succeed …

I’m still here. I didn’t feel ready to post until I had some sober traction, but I feel ready now at one week in. I’m reading Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind again, and I have to say that I’m getting much more out of it this time around. It didn’t really resonate with me the first time. I probably wasn’t ready for it yet. But I’m really connecting with her explanation of the subconscious’s role in relapse now. I’m also making sure to put on the snow boots and get out for walks regularly no matter the blustery cold outside. And it helps. The new kitchen cabinets were painted a beautiful blue yesterday. Baby steps. I’ll take it.



12 thoughts on “If at first you don’t succeed …

  1. I felt the same about that book the first time round so maybe I’ll give it another try. I have no traction at the moment. I’m flatlining tbh! I have plans though and I will get there. I’m determined. Congrats on a week. Baby steps for sure xx

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