Day 6

It is Day 6, and its been a long day of middle school hunting. Two parent orientations and a LONG middle school open house in the evening. And an application and financial aid request due tomorrow. And none seem quite right for my kid. I am craving a drink like nobody’s business, but I don’t do that any more. Looking forward to the morning.


4 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. I can’t imagine having to find a new school for one of my daughters! Very awesome with not drinking! I’ve had a rough week with some arm pain and for some reason last night I said “Oh tomorrows Friday, it wouldn’t hurt to have a drink.” I told myself “Jackie tomorrow is tomorrow, don’t think about that tonight.” I went to bed and woke up feeling different. I am surely not drinking tonight. Going to get some productive things done after work and do a facial. I am not completely sober. Last month I did pick 2 occasions to drink on and I did drink just on those occasions. You can do this! 😃

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    1. That’s so great. It is often different, in the morning. I always have to remind myself. Unfortunately, I have finally learned that I can’t just drink once in a while. But, I’m glad you are having success with that!! 😊

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  2. Yea! I was wondering if you were going to be too busy to do a Day 6 post with everything going on. But so pleased to see you’re managing this school/family dilemma and keeping me updated at the same time. Right, so this brain book I was reading, last night I read that you can get a dopamine boost (or something, one of those happy chemicals) by having a good laugh. Find anything that will make you laugh out loud. She was saying it’s like people like their coffee in the morning, that little pick me up doesn’t last long, but it gets us through the morning routine – a burst of laughter can get us through the next hour or whatever of crap you have to deal with. When I remember, I search for blogs of crazy stuff little kids say. My daughter watches videos of cats. It seems dumb, but hey if it helps stave off a craving it’s better than giving in! And kids really do say the funniest things… Anyway, congratulations! Day 6. An achievement, no doubt. Tomorrow is going to be exciting: SEVEN whole days.

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