Day Five

Made it to Day 5. Yesterday was a difficult day, full of stress and anxiety. I found out that our daughter’s current school wants her to go to a different school for middle school which means a lot of stress to find a new school. It is a long story, but the whole situation is triggering a lot of strong emotions and anxiety for me. But, honestly, I didn’t even consider drinking. I’m grateful that I have a clear head to deal with it. And this morning, it actually feels like an opportunity.


7 thoughts on “Day Five

  1. Amazing how well you handled such a stressful situation! You are doing so great. Kids entering adolescence is very triggering. Great that you noticed it and managed your frame of mind. Wow, wow, wow, so good! And now it’s nearly SIX days holy smokes.

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      1. Ha ha, one of my super powers. Hey, I’m reading this incredible book called The Happy Brain by a neuroscientist. I don’t know if you like that stuff, but she explains what is going on in our brains when we feel bad (even when we don’t know why) and then use a poor-choice soothing behaviour even when we KNOW it’s not a smart choice. So what’s cool about it is it helps me be aware of other low-grade ways to perk my mood up throughout the day while I’m trying to practice new habits for example.

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