Day Fifteen: That knot in my stomach

It is one of those days when I feel anxious and lonely. Like I’m missing out on everything. Maybe it is just because it has been pouring rain all day, but I’ve been feeling super disconnected and insecure since mid-morning. And I would usually drink to get over my anxiety, but I can’t!! I mean, I can. I’m thinking about how I could. But I’m not going to. It did help for a while to go do something social. I met up with my book club, and it was lovely. They all had wine. I had hot apple cider. And it was no problem. The hot apple cider was festive. But, now I’m home, the electricity is out (it is a BIG storm outside), and I’m feeling anxious again. I’m not sure exactly why. And I can’t drink wine!!! This stinks. But it is also ok. I mean, I’m a grown up, and I know that this will pass. Somehow, just writing this out is making me feel better. I am NOT going to drink, and I know I’ll feel better tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Day Fifteen: That knot in my stomach

  1. Hang in theeeere !! You’re doing great! And with a rainy day and no electricity, ANYONE would feel a bit blergh… I certainly would! How about boiling some water old school (do you have a gas cooker? a chimney ? lol) and making a comforting cup of tea? By the time you’re reading this you’ve probably made it through, so congrats, you just proved to yourself how strong you are 🙂 Hang in there, it really does get much easier, believe me. xxx Anne


  2. Tea light candles lit look beautiful even in a storm.
    Glad you made it through. Writing out the icky helps a lot, either here or in a private journal.
    Anxiety is tough to shake and riding it out is like sitting in turbulence. Have a look on my blog for sober treats and the toolbox for ideas to add to your own ones.
    You’re doing great.


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