Day Seven: Whew!

I made it through. It’s the last night of the Thanksgiving vacation, and I’m going to bed soon. Whew! It wasn’t super easy not drinking, but it wasn’t ridiculously hard, either. I’m surprised. Pleasantly. And I’m happy to have made it through the first week. I had a raging headache today (rare for me), but I felt less exhausted. I noticed that my sister is no longer sober – she was drinking wine the first night – but no one commented on it. Just like no one commented on me NOT drinking even though that’s very not in character for me. And she really didn’t drink that much, as far as I know. Perhaps someday I’ll hear what is up. And it didn’t make me feel like drinking, though, just because she was.

A little post-Thanksgiving thankfulness: I’m grateful I don’t have a family where there is a lot of strife and dysfunctional stuff going on all the time. I mean, we have our moments, but ultimately, we are all pretty decent to each other. Looking forward to not drinking tonight.

2 thoughts on “Day Seven: Whew!

  1. I’m so proud of you! Day 9 now, right?? That’s AMAZING! Keep going!!! Don’t start back on day 1! It sounds like you have done a bit of research and soul searching and it’s time for the healing process to begin! ❤️🙏🙌


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