Change is Good

I woke up this morning feeling terrific. It was one of those days when you are so glad that you don’t drink anymore. Lots of energy, blue sky, and feeling good about the future.

I started my new medication for my disease five days ago. So far, no terrible side effects. I have been more tired (like by 7 pm, I’m practically ready for bed!) but it is hard to know if that is the medication or something else. I will say that it is really great to have something I can DO to try to change the outcome of this disease, and I’m feeling optimistic. Last night, I convinced myself to do a little easy yoga, and it actually really helped me feel more invigorated afterwards. I really think that yoga is, hands down, the best thing I can do for myself exercise-wise. I’m going to try to get into it again.

I’m hoping that my energy from this morning continues into the weekend. I have yet to start the process of purging and organizing needed for our upcoming move. With the exception of my daughter’s stuff that she won’t let me get rid of yet, I am hoping to really pare things down to what we REALLY need and want in both houses. A huge undertaking. But, I have time. Our house in the new town is not yet ready. I believe I have already shared that the house we plan to live in had major flooding due to frozen/burst pipes over the winter, and getting the reconstruction going has been very slow. I think it is speeding up now, though, and with luck, we will be in the house at least close to the start of school in the fall.

Just a quick update to say all is well, and I am wishing all of you much love and support.



10 thoughts on “Change is Good

  1. Hey you! So glad to read this update! I’m so happy you woke up feeling terrific! You deserve it for sure. I hope it carries over through the weekend for you too! Exciting you had the energy to do some yoga, I’m so happy for you! 🥰

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  2. Good to hear you’re feeling positive and excited about the upcoming move. My tippy top tip for you if you tire (and remember I work with a disability non profit, so I get this situation totally) is you should pay someone to help you work through all your stuff. It could even just be a teenager who can drive to take the “give away” boxes to the charity for you for example. Every single step of downsizing is draining. So GET HELP. Worth every penny. Advice number 2 is go spend a weekend away in a small (but nice!) cottage or apartment. Small. Then look around how the space is furnished, how much storage it has and think if you had to live tomorrow in that space with exactly that furniture, what possessions, clothes and art would you bring with you? This helped me deal with my treasured collections and move through the sentimentality more easily. I’m actually staying this weekend in a little adorable studio, but I would only be able to bring some artwork and probably one chest of belongings. So I play a game of “what would I bring here”. It will save you moving into your new place with mountains of boxes and no place to put everything. It’s really hard work. But worth it. Keep us updated!

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    1. Thank you for your excellent advice! Yes, I’m going to have to save up to hire some help for sure. We do actually have a lot of storage options, but I would love to not use a lot of that. I feel like it clutters my mind. I will definitely keep you updated!


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