Day 50

Day 50 again, and things are just ok. I’m glad I’m not drinking, but things have been stressful lately. What with the mountains of school applications and other tasks, I’m exhausted (it is almost over, thank goodness). I need a treat of some kind! I have to figure out what it will be. A spa day sounds good, but I’m still nervous about COVID so maybe not. I need something, though. I’m not very good at this treating myself thing. Wine was so easy. So good at filling that treat need. But since that’s not happening, what should it be?

5 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Yes you definitely need a treat for yourself! COVID does put a hindrance in some plans which makes the decision harder. Do you have a friend to go to lunch with? I recently had lunch with my sis in law and it was just what I needed. However if lunches/dinners are triggers for ya, maybe skip that idea. I do really like your spa day idea. I’ve always wanted to get a massage. I know a lady that does them here and she’s super sanitary. Maybe splurge on some new clothes or something if that nature? Or make up if you wear it? I purchased good quality skin care products and my skin looks so much better. Makes me feel better about myself and all my progress with alcohol. ( Because we know daily drinking makes our skin look like hell, especially at my age, almost 50 ) Anyway hope you find something fun for yourself! You’re doing awesome!

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  2. wow…we must have gone off alcohol around the same was the day after christmas for me..i dont miss it for what it is just wish i had something else .. stress seems to be a way of life any more..congrats! and keep going!

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