Day 8

It was a good day. Had some social time with friends and went for a long walk in the park. In other news, my addict voice keeps coming around, trying to make me forget what I knew so clearly a week ago. No! I can’t just have a few! I want the whole bottle (and then some)! It was worse last time, and it seemed like I might be trapped forever. Always thinking I would have less or that I’ll quit tomorrow. Not even enjoying it, really, most of the time. Always chasing that perfect feeling that only sometimes shows up. No, I’m not having it anymore! I’m done.


8 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. I read something once about how to talk back to that voice. So i think you can try shouting at it to shut up or alternatively thank it for thinking about your happiness but you’re actually good right now. You could try both (or any other version of “no thank you” you like) and see what works. One thing I found works for me is “I don’t need that right now.” and my brain accepts that one for some reason. Go you! So amazing. 8 days is HUGE!

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  2. I read a quote recently that might help you quiet your voice. “‘I don’t’ is experienced as a choice, so it feels empowering. “I can’t” isn’t a choice. It’s a restriction, it’s being imposed upon you.” Heidi Grant Halvorson. A change in language leads to a change in mindset. “I don’t drink” as opposed to “I can’t drink.” Hugs and lots of claps for you!

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