Checking in

This is going to be a brief post as I’m on vacation in the woods with my coronavirus bubble family. I haven’t posted for many weeks now, so it seems like it is time for a check in. I also haven’t been on WordPress much, and I know I’ve missed many wonderful posts. I will catch up with what everyone has been up to soon!

So, briefly, what has happened? Well, a combination of events and my own wishy washiness resulted in another short detour from the wagon. I’m back on again (and nothing terrible happened), but it made me realize the two triggers that are the hardest for me: severe anxiety and friends that really want me to drink with them. Combine the two, and I’m in trouble. I’m climbing out of the anxiety hole I fell into, but clearly, I have to find better ways of dealing with these things when they happen.

Anyway, I’m ok. The woods are lovely, I can hike without fear of running into many other people, and I rarely have to mask up. A welcome break from the virus stress at home.

I’ll post again soon. Sending love and hugs to all of you!



19 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. It sounds like you are in the perfect place for a break and some peace and quiet. Bloody anxiety .. if only we could be rid of it! Never refer to yourself as wishy washy (though it did make me smile) – you are anything but! Have fun, sending hugs 🤗

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  2. I appreciate the honesty – I think falling off the wagon and then examining why we do so is an important part of this process! Nice to have a break from the virus stress, it really complicates everything :-/

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  3. glad you checked in…seems like quite a few on here havent even been posting lately , and i don’t know what to make of it. Looked at my “insights ” tonight…drastic difference in post views compared to october thru february….who knows- pandemic stuff possibly…glad to hear you are relaxing….hugs!

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