A brief and off-topic post

This will be a brief surfacing from my deep pit of work obligations. I meant to write this days ago, but I’ve been too crazy busy to do anything but work most of the time. My partner is home schooling all by himself (poor guy!), and our house is unbelievably disgusting. But, with any luck, I’ll be done with my project tomorrow. Saturday is cleaning day!

Anyway … so have you ever had the experience where you hear about something for the first time, and then soon afterwards, you encounter it again? This happens to me sometimes, and it is so weird.

The other day it happened to me here. I was reading limetwiste’s (Moderately Sober) most recent post, and she offers ” a virtual hug from a distance of at least 2m using fake fur gorilla extending arms,” and I thought: what? Maybe this is a trend I missed in the world, but I had never heard of fake fur gorilla extending arms. But I liked them!

And then, the VERY NEXT MORNING, there was an article in the paper with a photograph of a guy hanging out of his window using a fake fur gorilla extending arm to offer a home-brewed cup of coffee to a passerby! This is our local paper and a local guy doing this, so it seems unlikely that limetwiste had seen it. It must be a thing, and I just don’t know about it. But still! What are the chances? I would post a link to the photo (because it is just so darn cute!), but 1) I am a too much of a grandma and probably wouldn’t do it right, and 2) I don’t know if I can legally or actually share it here on WordPress as it is a subscription-based paper. I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Ms. New Leaf

10 thoughts on “A brief and off-topic post

    1. I just looked it up! And it is the same guy. They just told the story a little differently in our paper. Funny that you would see it earlier than it was reported in the paper here. Oh well, I guess that blows my whole thing about it being some kind of odd twist in the universe thing. I’m a little disappointed. ☹️

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      1. Don’t be. Think of it as a melding of minds. The collective gorilla hand society at last breaking the secrecy bond and sharing with the world what they knew all along…

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