We Are All Caged Animals Now

Aaaaarrrrrgghhh! It’s day 20 of the lockdown now, and it’s getting to me. Pacing back and forth, I am like a caged animal, too, now. The stress of the homeschooling plus my job plus the regular freak outs my partner goes through on a daily basis is all too much.

Still, I’m OK. We all still love each other, and we are all healthy. All of this is worth it because, so far, my city has successfully “flattened the curve.” Our hospitals are not overrun. My mom’s assisted living place is still virus free (or so they tell us). And it is Spring Break this coming week so NO HOMESCHOOLING!

This is a relief because it turns out that my department at work is responsible for raising about a million dollars in the next 6 weeks so my co-workers don’t get laid off, and we can keep delivering the services our clients need. Oh, you know, no pressure! So, I spent the day cleaning the house and catching up on reading blogs (sorry! I’ve just been treading water over here) to get ready and jump with both feet, out of the plane with a hastily-packed parachute, into next week. Wish me luck!

Much love and support to all of you!



12 thoughts on “We Are All Caged Animals Now

  1. Sounds daunting Leafy. Just keep taking teeny bits of time for you to keep strong and healthy. I’m sure you’ll meet the challenge head on and do your absolute best. Good Luck xx 😘

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  2. Good luck with your work project. It IS nice that the kids don’t have school this week. My first grader is already over all the worksheets/videos in place of real teaching from her teacher. 😬 Hang in there! 💕👍🏻

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  3. Much luck to you! I feel for you and all the moms out there that have to homeschool now too. My girls are both in high school and are pretty self sufficient so I haven’t had to become a teacher like you all! Take care!

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  4. oh wooooow that’s intense !!! sending you lots of energy and strength, you can do this !!!!! (unrelated: re the “caged animals” metaphor: did you see tigers / lions got covid in NYC zoo ?!!! yiiiiikes !) Anyway, stay safe and good luck with the upcoming week, you got this ! xxx Anne

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