Christmas is Better Sober Because…

It is massively easier to make a bunch of decorated sugar cookies when you are not hungover.

Staying up waiting for your sugared-up kid to FINALLY fall asleep (do you want Santa to come or not!?!?!) even though you are dog tired from making the aforementioned sugar cookies so you can sneak down to be Santa is a thousand times better without a bottle of wine + in your belly.

It is unlikely that you will randomly pick a fight with your partner for something stupid like not cleaning up the kitchen the way that you like it.

You can share in the joy and excitement of Christmas morning with your kid without a head that feels like it’s going split apart any second.

You might even feel energetic enough to go for that Christmas walk in nature your partner always wants but you are usually too draggy-ass to do.

You feel (somewhat) less guilty for all the sugar you are eating because you are saving calories from not drinking wine.

Spending time with family and friends you love needs no artificial enhancement – it’s wonderful all on its own.

Merry Christmas! ❤️

(Day 33)

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