Day Nineteen: No more hangovers!

Just checking in to say that I am very grateful to not have hangovers. Or be worried I might still smell like booze when I go to work from the night before. Or that I might not be able to drive from the extra two drinks I had in the middle of the night when I woke up at 3am and couldn’t sleep. And that I’m not doing something stupid and hurting myself in some dumb accident because I’m drunk. And that I’m present to help my kid with her homework. And that if someone had a medical emergency, I could drive them to the hospital. And that mornings are glorious. And so on. I’m glad I’m sober.

6 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: No more hangovers!

    1. I love that morning pages thing. I write (mainly non-personal and only slightly creative) things for a living, but writing personal things just for me is not a habit. And writing down what you are grateful for does seem to keep it in your consciousness somehow! Thank you for your support!!

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