Day Ten: Is there such a thing as too much sugar?

One of the ideas I love about not drinking is that I am saving so many calories that I can pretty much eat what I want. While I didn’t gain any weight at Thanksgiving despite multiple pie servings for days, I’m thinking that might not be the whole story. This morning, pressed for time, I grabbed the leftover slice of cheesecake for breakfast (with some very healthy berries on the side, thank you very much). Which was awesome until my co-worker offered me homemade cookies an hour or so later … and an hour after that I was so tired I could barely lift my fingers on the keyboard or keep my eyes open. I dragged all day until I could finally go home. I suspect the sugar.

Then again, I have just been EXHAUSTED much of the time during the last 10 days. Even yesterday – when I woke up feeling like a million bucks and full of plans and lists – I made it through a little laundry, a little cleanup, and then I was so tired I went back to bed for much of the afternoon. Is this just what it is like for some people even 10 days in? Hmmm. I think tomorrow I will try to eat healthy, long-acting energy and protein foods and see what happens. I’m actually not usually a huge sugar person.

Yesterday, my friend brought wine over for dinner, and I didn’t drink it. I had pomegranate juice instead. Which is, I’ve discovered, exactly the shade of a glass of cabernet. This sent me down a rabbit hole of imagining that I could fool people into thinking I was drinking by always having a glass of pomegranate juice around. The reason I’m thinking this is because, while some of my friends don’t care (like my friend who came to dinner), there is at least one friend that probably will care. The last time I was with her and not drinking, she was (surprisingly) kind of complaining about it. It actually seemed to bug her when she discovered I had soda water with lime in my glass instead of vodka. Whatever. She’s a good friend and will get over it. But, still, it made me wonder for a while whether it would be easier to fake drinking the next time we were together. Is that weird? I really don’t think I would do it, though.

Due to my extreme tiredness, I’m heading off to bed soon. I had tons of ideas for things to to write about this morning, but now that I actually have time to write, I can’t remember shit.

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