Day 74

Hi friends:

I’ve made it to day 74, and things are going well. I have had some cravings here and there, but then I remember having a bottle of wine on my bedside table (empty in the morning!) every night and push them away. The mind is so tricky sometimes!

It is definitely spring now. The leaf buds are finally showing up in the trees! I’ve been looking for them for weeks, and now, suddenly, they are here. There is one of those great mountain thunderstorms going on today, too. I love it! I am so fortunate to be able to live in this lovely place.

I’ve started running (well, run-walking) a bit, too. This is exciting because it never occurred to me that I would enjoy running again after an accident I had in my 20’s (I broke my pelvis in a big way), but I decided to try. And I do like it. I just go easy on myself and stop to walk frequently. I imagine I will slowly improve if I keep at it.

Today, I spent the day sleeping, though, because sometimes I get horrible itching all over because of my blood disease. The old-school antihistamines the doctor prescribes just knock me out. So, not all sunshine and rainbow unicorns. But hopefully tomorrow will be better.



13 thoughts on “Day 74

  1. Happy day 74, Leafy! That’s fantastic my friend. Love that you’re incorporating exercise into your life too. It’s such a game changer for improving our wellness and went hand in hand with me starting a sober life and keeping me on the path.🙌🤗🏃‍♀️


  2. Awesome on day 74! 😃 I love that your running/walking as well! Exercise was one of the main components that changed my relationship with alcohol. I hope you feel better today Leafy! Thinking of you!

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  3. Fabulous news !!
    Can’t believe you are approaching day 100 .. awesome
    I’m not doing so well but last weekend I read ‘This naked mind’ at your recommendation. It really helped and although I haven’t yet found my day one, I’ve definitely flicked a switch back on in my head. It’s slowed down the crazy spiral I’ve been on and I’m getting ready to find some traction with this! Xxx

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  4. So happy to to your success – and also happy to see you still around these parts. I just started going back to the gym after a 3 year absence and it feels so refreshing too. All the best to you! 🙏💜

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