Yesterday, after I managed to get to my computer, I realized it was a work holiday. So, I went through my accumulated vacation emails to get a head start on today, then went back to bed. And slept for 4 more hours!!! I guess I needed it! The last time this happened was right after I finally was able to move my mom into assisted living. I hadn’t even realized that I felt such weight until it was lifted. This time, we just moved my mom into memory care as her dementia has progressed, and I was expecting to hate it. But, it turned out to be a place with warm, loving staff and a great atmosphere-better than assisted living, really, even if it’s a locked facility. It’s been so weird – her slow decline. The other day, when I was driving to see her, I started crying about losing my mom for, really, maybe the first time. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I needed to rest yesterday, but I also feel it’s more than that. Things have been changing so much, and I feel like this moment in time is such an opportunity for growth (and hopefully, resolution of some long-standing issues). Day 3. xoxo

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