Day 156

Well, I imagine we all know what happened here in the U.S. this week. Amazingly, I wasn’t really surprised that Trump’s insane refusal to accept the results of our election, constant lies to his supporters, and relentless yet fruitless campaign to pressure swing states where he lost to “find votes” or invalidate votes or other mob boss-like demands would culminate in a violent attempt to take over Congress. The crowd was so violent that one of their own was crushed to death, and a police officer was killed from a blow to the head from a fire extinguisher. I wasn’t really surprised, given the escalation and the nature of Trump’s ego, but I am heartbroken. And disgusted. And really angry. And I can’t imagine where we go from here when it is possible for different groups of people to live in entirely separate, alternate realities. With entirely different sets of “facts” to guide their reactions and behaviors.

So, other than THAT …

things are OK. It’s weird that there can be crazy upheaval but, at the same time, my personal life just keeps going on. I did my yoga, I worked on my list of tasks, I tried to concentrate on work, I made dinner and tidied the house, I didn’t eat sugary things, I got my kid to do her homework, and I didn’t drink. A fairly successful start to the new year for me, if not for the nation.

I hope you are all hanging in there. It’s scary out there.

Much love and support to all of you.


Ms. New Leaf

11 thoughts on “Day 156

  1. yeah many of my American Friends have been dreading this moment for months and I kept telling them they were paranoid, that people are dumb but not THAT dumb…. well I WAS WRONG 🙂 I’m glas you’e doing well. Sending big giant hugs your way xxxxxx Anne

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    1. It is really scary when your notion of what is too insane to happen actually happens. I feel like my worldview has totally changed the past year. Like when I woke up and my husband told me rioters has burned down the police station in Minneapolis (where we live). It’s hard to even comprehend, when you didn’t think “things like that” could happen here. That all the forces you thought had the situation under control really…. don’t.


  2. Yes, Leafy, this past week sucked every last bit out of energy out of me. It seems for the past year just as we feel we can exhale and sigh relief, another atrocity takes place. Definitely scary out there. All we can do is to keep our cups full with good self-care…. and then pass it along to calm the spirit of others in need. And of course, not drink!! 🙏

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  3. I read an article a few months back that really stuck with me (sorry I don’t have the link) written by a man from southeast Asia I believe who had lived through a recent upheaval in the government. The jist of it was, societal collapse doesn’t happen suddenly. He wrote about how car bombings and things became more frequent, but in between, life went on as normal. I guess it makes sense. What else is there to do? We only have so much energy to watch the news and be outraged, then we have to go back to taking care of daily life. Glad you are doing well!

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  4. Yes to everything you said! I’m still in shock how morally anyone can be a supporter of his. My neighbors go to church, send their kids to Christian school…etc and they still remain Trump supporters. I just don’t get it.
    Anyway, other than that sounds like your doing well! Great to hear! I’m doing well here too!

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  5. It’s truly overwhelming and depressing at the moment. I think you have it right by just concentrating on you wand what you can do in your own life. Hugs to you. 💕

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  6. It’s a very hard time. I am focusing on what I can do. I don’t engage in on-line political posts with anyone, not family or strangers, as some are supporters of Trump. I will not change their minds, and it only makes me so angry.
    If I need to, I will call my senators and congress people.

    So I focus on what I can do, take care of my elderly mom, laugh and and walk with my husband, and so on.

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  7. That’s a hugely successful start to the New Year in my book Leafy! Didn’t eat any sugar!! I am realising I have a sugar problem. Like a serious one. Once I started back on it at Xmas … I’m like a woman possessed!

    As for Trump and that whole nightmare … I just hope the huge chasm between the people can be bridged somehow. I struggle to understand how any sane and kind human being can support his atrocities but people do. He disgusts me.

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