Day 100 (Again)

I don’t have a lot of time today, so this will be quick. I did, however, want to celebrate making it to day 100 in this second adventure in sobriety. I’m feeling really good about it. This time was much easier than the first time, although there were some challenging days for sure. But fewer and farther between. I think it may be because it has been nearly a year now that I have been focusing on not drinking. Even during those roughly 150 days in between when I did decide to drink sometimes, I still didn’t go back to daily drinking (even though I still drank too much on most of the days when I did drink). And I think that helped make it easier for me this time around. I know some people don’t have this experience. And the conventional wisdom is that we are back to square one when we “fall off the wagon.” Personally, I felt like I still had some sobriety momentum going and that I had learned some things the first go around. In any event, I’m happy to be sober. It’s working for me. And I’m going to keep going this time.

❤️ & 🤗


21 thoughts on “Day 100 (Again)

  1. Great to read this leafy … as far as I’m concerned you and I started around the same time and are st the same point in our sobriety. Congrats to you. So glad you feel good about it. Sending sober hugs 🤗 xxx

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  2. yup, right there with you..and congrats on 100 days ..i haven’t even tried more than 30 since May. Not saying i got drunk that often but i did have a few here & there in between those couple times i over indulged. Not even sure where i am at atm but not unhappy with any of it …hugs!

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  3. That’s wonderful Leafy ❤ We are all learning to find balance in the ways that suit us best, everyone's path is different. I'm so happy you are feeling good and I also don't believe in "back to square one". I know that if I had a drink now and decided to not drink after, I would be in a completely different place than I was a year ago when I had never gone more than a few days in a row sober. It's not always all black or white. ❤ Sending big bug hugs ❤ Anne

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  4. Hi leafy- forget that back to square one nonsense. You had a long spell not drinking, you had a “little slip up” and are back not drinking, I see it as success followed by success and some learning and self reflection on the way. And as Sinatra would say ” You did it your way” X

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    1. Thank you, Dwight! I really appreciate that. Everything is fine. I’ve just been crazy busy with work (like no days off for weeks) and then recovering for the last few days. I will check in soon. 🤗

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