I did it!

So, I did it! I celebrated my 50th birthday sober. We rented a fantastic older house in Carmel, California, full of nooks and hidden rooms and right across the street from the most lovely beach. Yes, the smoke from the fires was bad, but it was still beautiful there. We spent lots of time playing in the waves with the kids (mine and my neighbors’) or snuggled in the house, and it was great.

My neighbor didn’t complain even once about not drinking on the trip. We just had a fun, sober time together.

That’s my big news. Just a quick post today. Sending much love!



21 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Happy sober 50th – so awesome! Glad you were able to enjoy it despite the fires. Not sure if you are a podcast fan, but The Unruffled is hosted by two (over 50) sober, dignified women and you might like it. Congrats!

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