30 Day Countdown

I’ve pushed it to the last minute again, and now it is 30 days until my 50th birthday. I’m back on the wagon, and it is time to get my other self-improvement tasks (soon to be habits!) going again. I’ve made absolutely no progress in the weight loss department since my last check-in about it. At least I haven’t gained weight, though! I have also stopped meditating and yoga’ing. I HAVE been eating more fruits and vegetables. And, for the first time in my life, I am committed to taking some vitamins and minerals every day. So, some minuses, some plusses, actually.

I should explain this last one a bit more. I’ve never really believed in taking supplements. I have always been one to think that food is the best and only way to get the right nutrients. However, if I am honest with myself, I haven’t actually eaten as well as I think I do for years. Recently, something scary happened: my hair started falling out. I was pretty terrified that it was some new and even scarier development in the ongoing saga of my chronic blood disorder, but I put on my big girl pants (I know, I know, it is probably getting old, but I still love this!), told my doctor, and braved the lab for a blood test. And you know what, it was a vitamin deficiency! Vitamin D, in fact. It is really hard to get enough sunshine when you hang about the house for months on end and, when you do go out, you wear tons of sunscreen. Who knew? I feel ridiculous not realizing this could happen. The doc says a supplement is the only real answer.

Today, I have already meditated, and I’ll be on to yoga soon. Definitely not drinking today. It was great to wake up and have that not-hungover first cup of coffee. I’ll be doing it again tomorrow for sure.

Much love and support to all of you!


Ms. New Leaf

21 thoughts on “30 Day Countdown

    1. I’m thinking of maybe renting a beach house with my neighbors/COVID bubble friends for a few days. Watch some sea life. I wanted to travel to Iceland or far into Alaska, but that isn’t going to happen this year.

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      1. The new house plan sound fab. You need a break. I’m actually considering going away by myself for a couple of days. It won’t be well received but I’m finding things extra hard at home right now and I think some space might be a good idea. X

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  1. Yay congrats on the yoga and the countdown to the nifty fifties. Hope these 30 days go well for you.
    My hair is failing out by the handful too, I thought it was down to having Covid as they thought might be linked in the press but I’m going to go and get some Vit D for sure. Thanks for a fab post xxx

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    1. Thanks! You, too? I hadn’t heard that about COVID and hair. Interesting. They say it takes several months to stop from when you correct the thing that is causing it.


  2. Ooooo almost 50, that’s exciting! I hope you make some fun plans and do some things just for you! I’m just a few years behind ya! I’m enjoying my morning coffee this morning as well. Definitely not drinking today is my thought as well. Great post!!

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  3. Hi Leafy! So often, we try to make up for lost time only to end up crashing and burning. Remember, first things first- Wendy is absolutely right! “Freedom from my own head” grows each year…❤️

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