The City Is Quiet

I live in an area that is now pretty much in lockdown. We have been ordered to stay in our homes, and we are not allowed to leave except to buy groceries, go to the doctor, or other very basic activities. We must work from home or not work (unless we work in an “essential” industry). We can take a walk, but only if we stay 6 feet away from anyone we do not live with.

I believe this is the right thing to do. To save lives, we have to do this. I haven’t seen my 85-year-old mother in weeks, but it has to be that way. We send each other emails about what’s happening every day. Yesterday, they stopped the communal activities they do at the assisted living facility she lives in. Super scary. We have the phone, thank heavens, but I’m worried she is going to be terribly lonely.

It is allergy season, and I’ve got symptoms. No fever so I assume it isn’t COVID-19, but it still makes me a little nervous now and then. I’ve been taking more precautions than most for a few weeks now because of my pre-existing conditions, but others in my household have gone about their business fairly normally. It makes me nervous what the next two weeks could bring, but there’s nothing to be done about it.

Despite this, I feel very lucky. I can work from home. I have a home. My employer is (at least for now) paying me my full hours even though they know I will have to home school my kid for several of them every day. We can order groceries and medications, and have them delivered. My kid’s school seems to have a robust online learning plan. Children are not terribly at risk from the virus. I have enough toilet paper (I can not believe what people have been hoarding!). My neighbors and their child live in the same house we do so we can visit with them and not go crazy. We have a backyard. I am not drinking alcohol, nor am I addicted to tobacco or other drugs. These are all very good things.

Stay safe, everyone, wherever you are! Virtual hugs to all.


Ms. NL

(AKA Leafy)

8 thoughts on “The City Is Quiet

  1. It’s much the same here. Went out shopping this afternoon and all was quiet. The cashiers told me the mad rush was yesterday and this morning, just after the French president’s announcement. We received it to our phones (the first time this has happened!) direct from the French government Sunday night. I was worried there would be no food, but mainly it was the toilet paper that was missing!!! Too funny! Have to admit I was relieved. :))

    I hope you can still make contact with your mom. My mom passed suddenly, and if I could go back in time and hug her again, I think I would. ❤️

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  2. So glad to hear you are ok and I’m also really pleased you are being so cautious and looking after your health. Sorry to hear you can’t see your mum. Keep emailing her though. Any contact is better than nothing. My boys are still at school and I’m in work everyday. The train was virtually empty this morning though. I’m just glad when people post and comment on here. It helps us all feel connected I think, at a time where it would be easy to disconnect.
    Keep safe Leafy
    Love Claire xx

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  3. happy to hear you are doing sure is a crazy time. I am unable to stay home as i am a nurse..but i am grateful to be able to contribute. Everyone must do what is necessary and mandated as well.ssending light , love and hugs to everyone!

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  4. Yup, same boat here. Went into effect today however no one here is taking it seriously. Everyone is trying to find that loophole that allows them to keep their business going. I was just told I have to report back to work tomorrow and my husband had to go in today.
    I fear that ppl are going to suffer for all those that think it isn’t necessary.
    Glad you are safe and doing well. *hugs*

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