And now for something a little lighter…

That was a heavy post I wrote two days ago. For some reason, I felt the need to write it all out, the horrible stuff, and send it off into the past. Whew! That’s done now.

On a totally different subject, I am really loving my new sober drink: strawberry and rose hips drinking vinegar in sparkling water. You have to like vinegar, of course, but it’s not as disgusting as it sounds. I think it is a sour and tasty cocktail that is just right for before dinner.

I’m also slowly but surely making headway on the giant amount of clutter in my house. Slowly, slowly, but I’ve finally broken through my crippling inertia, and I’m making headway at last! I’ve set a goal to just do 1/2 hour a day during my days off. Not too long, and I usually end up doing more. So satisfying.

I’m also excited for my low-key New Year’s Eve. We did mellow Christmas (which was just right this year), and for New Year’s, we are going to a fun dinner with our neighbors and their kid, and then having dessert at my house with another friend and her kids. Three sober adults, two drinking adults and four girls running around screaming joyfully and causing mayhem and destruction. Good music. Bubbly drinks. Looking forward to it. 🥳

Perhaps a pink cloud coming my way?


(Day 37)

6 thoughts on “And now for something a little lighter…

  1. Ooh yes to pink clouds 👏 . I think once the build up to Christmas has completely passed we’ll start to really appreciate the full impact of being AF. I mean, look what we will have achieved!!! A booze free Xmas and AF New Year. I, for one, think we are a pretty cool bunch!! 😎

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  2. i love pink clouds. I still have mine, 6 years later.
    Oh, yes, sometimes I forget and life has truly smacked me a few times along the way, but when I sit still and pause I am always deeply grateful I am dealing with things sober and clear. At least I know who I am.
    On to 2020!


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