Day Twenty-Two: Feeling grateful for sobriety

I really love going to bed early, reading for as long as I feel like it, and that much more relaxed feeling that comes with morning. Yesterday was tough. But only from about 4:30-6pm. I was feeling very strongly like drinking myself into a coma, but then it just started to slowly relax it’s grip on me. And by the time I got in bed at 9, it was gone. Whew! The thing is I was never really in danger of drinking yesterday because, even though those hard things happen, I really want this new life! Despite what sometimes feels like a split personality, I am getting a few glimpses of what life could be. I’m getting along better with my partner, I’m being more present for my kid and my friends, I always feel amazing in the mornings (even when I’m tired from staying up too late with a good book – I’m reading The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, and I am having trouble putting it down). And my blood pressure was in the normal range this morning. I was shocked when I read the numbers, but it was true! All very good things! ❤️

10 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Two: Feeling grateful for sobriety

  1. yaaaaay congrats, 22 days is HUGE, for real 🙂 I totally understand the split personality thing 🙂 But i guess the whole point of this is discovering our real personality – without a liquid crutch ? 🙂 xxx Anyway Keep on keepin on, you’re doing great ! xxx Anne

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  2. Way to go. Blood pressure an issue for you too eh? Mine is 128/77 tonight…from 160/100 10 days ago…such a relief….keep going my dear….keep going….it really is worth it. See you there!💜

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