Day Three: Alcohol pushers are annoying

Today, I still feel like crap. All day, I’ve been just dragging myself around at work, but I’m finally off and can go to bed soon. Yay!

So, I get home, and my partner tries, not just once, but twice to get me to drink some wine. Because I work so hard. Because I’m now on vacation and should relax. It’s so irritating. Yes, I’d like to drink wine, but he knows I’m trying not to. And I really want to wake up tomorrow feeling better. The thing is that my partner has his own issues with booze. And he’s not drinking now, but he really wants to. So, I think it is threatening when I am not drinking. I think he is holding out hope that, as long as I can drink, maybe he can drink himself one day. And tomorrow is our trip for Thanksgiving, and my family (with the exception of my sober sister) will be all be drinking like fish. Well, never mind that. I’m not going to drink today.

One thought on “Day Three: Alcohol pushers are annoying

  1. Wow! I am 100% certain if my partner drank I would not be able to stop! Just like it was impossible when I lived with my parents, whom are big boozers. My goodness you are strong! Very inspiring!

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