Day One: I must be crazy

It is 6 days before Thanksgiving, a holiday always filled with several days of heavy drinking. For me, at least. But here I am, fruit tea in a champagne flute, wanting to try this sobriety thing. I’m going to try to post every day for the next 30 days, and see how I feel. I can do it. I’m tired of feeling shitty, and I want a great life. I’m probably crazy to try now, but I’ve heard it said that there is no good time. So, it might as well be today. I’m not going to drink today.

2 thoughts on “Day One: I must be crazy

  1. Not crazy, totally sensible. When you decide that you want a better life then why would you not start the process immediately? I did the same .. Christmas and New year ahead plus 3 separate celebrations for my brother’s 50th birthday. Talk about a challenge. But on 17th nov, just a few days before you, I stopped! Go girl 👏 xx

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